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Our company has been on the Slovak market for 10 years and we have cooperated with a large number of companies all over the country and abroad.

Before working together, we try to resolve any potential problems that may arise in advance. We set all conditions to meet customer requirements in detail and according to the delivered project.

We provide production and assembly of hall construction. We dismantle equipment, machines and devices, prepare them for transport, arrange for the transport of oversized cargo and provide assembly at the place of delivery as required. We install and set up conveyors, automation or robots according to the documentation.

We will provide everything you need for your company as you require.

Services that we offer


At the customer’s request, we will come to dismantle any machinery that needs to be moved from its original location to its destination.

We provide transport reassessed according to the weight and dimensions of the equipment. Properly attached, preserved and packaged device transport. If it is an oversized cargo, we will of course agree on the date of transport in cooperation with the police, navigation and escorts exactly according to the laws of the Slovak Republic.

After delivery of the equipment to the place of destination we provide unloading and assembly according to requirements.

Before transporting equipment, machinery, equipment or structures, preparation is required with the utmost emphasis on accuracy and detail.

During transportation, there may be
a variety of problems that need to be anticipated and prepared for.

Thorough preparation for attachment, preservation and proper packaging is therefore a must and a matter of course for us.


Modern production lines consist of a number of mechanical, motorized and automated components.

Designers and automation engineers prepare today’s fully automated production lines in one detail to produce products without the need for human intervention.

However, such lines need to be built precisely according to the design and fine-tuned any differences on the spot. We provide these services exactly according to the requirements of the customer and his team.


Machinery – loaders, conveyor belts, translators, robots, welding machines, point machines, CNC machines, presses, grinders, drills, computers, servers …

All this and more is part of today’s automated production. Each device requires a separate connection
and a connection to the computer.

Complex connection of everything with everything you can handle exactly according to documented documentation. Before starting the company we do all the necessary checks for full functionality equipment.


The base of the production hall is a well-anchored and assembled construction with a non-permeable roof.

The construction must be perfectly welded, with the most precisely placed attachment of columns, roof trusses, as well as external flashing and construction for interior plasterboard with insulation.

When manufacturing and assembling structures, we pay attention to every detail mentioned in this text and we always emphasize delivery dates.


Built-in toilet tanks, flat drain pipes, smooth shower drains, wall flushing buttons, touchless taps …

Nowadays, more and more customers emphasize cutting-edge design, intelligent construction solutions or the possibility of installation without demolishing space for servicing or component replacement.

Geberit is the largest market leader in its industry and therefore other companies with other outstanding products take their name.


Slovnaft a.s.

For Slovnaft a.s. We provided electrical and wiring works according to the specified criteria.

Magna PT s.r.o.

MAGNA PT s.r.o. – Kechnec and our company dealt with the provision of plumbing and insulation work in production areas. We also supplied electrical installations in new premises. We must not forget the dismantling and assembly of machinery, metal works and moving machinery.

volkswagen slovakia

Volkswagen Slovakia also provided electrical and electrical installation work according to the specified specifications.

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