Technical management
of buildings


Under technical management of buildings we mean ensuring the correct operation and maintenance of apartment buildings, administrative, operational, multi-functional and commercial buildings. We provide these services in the Košice region, but also in the whole of Slovakia, in agreement with the customer. If necessary, preparation of steps for gradual improvement of the technical condition of the building and its subsequent implementation.

The management of each apartment building is dealt with by a separate technician. It provides all services related to technical and operational property management. We assume responsibility for the safe, reliable and optimal functioning of the boiler room, wiring, server room, plumbing, waste, construction work and all technical equipment of buildings.

  • regular inspections
  • keeping technical records
  • provision of repairs

In the technical field, the administrator is obliged to:

  • perform regular inspections of residential or non-residential premises
  • ensure the maintenance of technical records of premises and record all changes
  • make a list of necessary repairs and maintenance
  • ensure routine maintenance and minor repairs and supervise them
  • ensure repairs and implementation of measures to the extent necessary without the consent of the owners in order to avert an imminent danger or the occurrence of damage, or its increase (it is necessary to inform the owners of such situation and measures without delay)
  • draw up a schedule for the revisions and technical inspections of dedicated technical equipment and ensure its implementation
  • ensure enforcement of the measures imposed by revisions or controls
  • to carry out professional participation in controls of state professional supervision
  • management of supplies of essential services
  • disinfection and disinfection
  •  housekeeping services

In the field of real estate operation, the administrator is obliged to ensure:

  • all services relating to the use and operation of the house, in particular the supply of water, gas, electricity, waste collection and disposal, chimney sweeping, lift service; the conclusion of contracts for these services, the performance of activities resulting from the performance of these contracts for the administrator
  • heat supply
  • disinfection, disinsection, rodent control
  • documents and activities in the field of occupational health and safety and fire protection
  • house cleaning, housekeeping services including winter services
  • 24 hours performance of emergency service in the event of failure of electricity, gas, heating, water and sewerage systems on the basis of
    a contract for work
  • increasing satisfaction
  • guarantee of services

The challenges we face in complex building management:

  • increasing user satisfaction of managed objects
  • guarantee of provided services
  • optimization of total costs related to the operation of buildings
  • ability to provide a wide range of services as a single supplier
  • meeting the needs of a constantly changing range of activities and legal changes
  • the ability to continuously provide services consistent with national and international development
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