Komplex construction services


During the reconstruction we start with consultation on the extent and method of reconstruction. You will be presented with a quotation from us. Unless you change the assignment during the implementation, the price from our offer is final. Reconstructions are carried out individually according to requirements, but also as a set, including demolition, heating, painting and electrician works up to the issue of the relevant inspection reports.

The quality of buildings is determined by several factors, namely the willingness to invest in modifications, the quality of the project itself and of course the quality of the work performed. The quality of the work is related to the professionalism of our team. For this reason, we are constantly increasing the demands on our team, we are educating and improving professionally for your maximum satisfaction.


Within our services we also offer electrical installation work according to your requirements. Do you need electrical installation or consulting services in this area?

Our company will advise you, propose the most suitable solution, prepare a quotation and realize the required work in the highest possible quality. Within our electrical installations we focus on a wide range of activities – routine repairs and reconstructions, replacement of electrical sockets, switches, circuit breakers, lamps, but also preparation and setup of intelligent houses. Of course we are not foreign to heavy or light current installations in residential and industrial buildings.

We have completed a number of successful projects and satisfied customers. In addition, you have a guarantee of fast and quality


We provide a wide range of works in the field of plumbing and sewerage systems. We use state-of-the-art materials, innovative procedures and always follow the legislative procedures.

Water distribution systems are made of certified and harmless materials. We will work out a proposal for realization of the plumbing, while trying to propose an ideal solution that will be technically suitable and economically efficient. We realize water distribution in new buildings, but we also deal with replacement and reconstruction of distribution in older family houses, flats and industrial buildings.

Properly designed drainage system, but also its high quality installation, from the layman’s point of view will be reflected in its maintenance-free operation. We realize sewage distribution systems in new buildings or reconstructions of existing distribution systems.

Plumbing and sewer installation include:

  • consultation and proposal of technical solution
  • budget calculation
  • delivery of material
  • realization of divorces
  • conducting water tightness tests


Plastic windows with double glazing and triple glazing are a modern, elegant and especially functional complement to your home. Energy saving of plastic windows is their biggest advantage. When using special lenses, they can also dampen 88.5% of external noise. Plastic windows are the right choice for low-energy and passive houses and industrial buildings. The opening of windows is usually solved by single-wing, double-wing, or more-wing system according to the need of window solution in given space. Its size depends on the area of the room, but it does not have to be sufficiently illuminated and ventilated. The plastic window can be equipped with insulating 2-glass (Ug = 1.0W) or 3-glass (Ug = 0.5W). The most economical solution today is considered 4-glass with a thermal transmittance of only Ug = 0.3W for the entire window size.

Maintenance-free, this equals worry-free and long-lasting. We offer windows for life. Plastic windows thanks to a wide selection of color decors and high-quality technical design will satisfy even the most demanding customer. Selected models of plastic windows are also suitable for use in low-energy and passive houses, where they help you to provide comfortable living at affordable prices.


Color enhances walls and ceilings – it can even optically change even improperly projected spaces. If you paint the front wall in a long corridor with a darker shade, the corridor will give a shorter impression. Light and pastel shades can evoke optically larger rooms from small spaces. Do you have a kitchen with a dining area? Sufficient color strip in the width of the dining table, or color differentiate the corner of the dining room and optically separate 2 merged living areas.

“We are the experts who will turn your interior and exterior color ideas into reality.”

You should not follow fashion trends when choosing the right colors. The use of colors should be primarily an intuitive matter. One and the same color evokes different emotions in different people. One color can be perceived quite differently on clothing, walls or home accessories.

We paint or paint for you:

  • interiors
  • exteriors
  • residential premises
  • industrial buildings
  • windows, doors, doorframes
  • fences
  • constructions
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